Maintenance Worker

This position is located in the Facility Management Service at the W.
(Bill) Hefner VA Medical Center in Salisbury NC.
Incumbent performs daily rounds of all areas assigned, speaking with professional staff concerning current problems and those noted during the previous evening, night or weekend shifts.
Incumbent takes action to correct problems that he/she finds during rounds and problems identified by other staff.
Troubleshoots, diagnoses, and makes repairs, including, but not limited to, those required in the following trades:
Carpentry Incumbent applies basic knowledge of material strengths and applications to construct, install, repair or modify items such as frame structures, decking, partitions, shelving, doors, forms, siding and scaffolds.
Repairs and maintains wooden structures such as furniture, railings, shelves, doors, bulletin boards, etc.
Repairs cabinet and locker doors to include hardware, locks, tracks, etc.
Installs and replaces ceiling tiles, bumper rails, handrails, corner guards, cove base and other parts of buildings using hand and power tools.
PlumbingIncumbent must possess practical knowledge of plumbing principles, including a general knowledge of flow, drainage, slant, slope and sanitation.
Makes minor repairs and may perform some installation of existing utilities and disposal systems.
Must be knowledgeable of how various supply disposal and utility systems operate in order to perform preventive maintenance inspections and make necessary repairs.
ElectricalIncumbent must possess knowledge of where fixtures, wiring and controls are installed and how they operate.
Ability to read and follow diagrams.
Inspects and tests electrical lighting, power circuits and ballast transformers and other simple elements or electrical systems, fixtures and appliances.
Replaces and installs light fixtures, ballasts, fluorescent tubes, electrical outlets, light switches, etc.
PaintingIncumbent needs knowledge of standard surface preparation and coating methods and techniques.
Must know how to apply coating materials so that the surfaces are free from skips, runs and drips.
Must have the skill needed to sand ,wire brush, scrape, spackle and putty surfaces.
Must also have the skill needed to brush out, roll on and spray coating materials, as well as the skill needed to apply other related methods and techniques.
Incumbent must have skill in the use of tools and equipment and safe utilization of tools and compliance with Tool Accountability Program.
Work on painting projects when determined appropriate by Supervisor.
HVACThe Zone Maintenance Worker must have practical knowledge of refrigeration principles, including the refrigeration cycle, temperature, measurement and the properties of several refrigerants.
Incumbent must possess a good working knowledge in the installation, repair, modification and preventive maintenance of most heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment.
This factor includes following local and national safety rules and guidelines, efficient use of all specialized tools used in the HVAC trade, such as measuring equipment (refrigeration gauges, electrical meters, air measuring devices), hand tools (torches, vacuum pumps, refrigerant recovery devices), and any other specialized tool unique to the HVAC trade.
Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday 7:
00 am - 3:
30 pm (on an optional compressed tour)Position Description Title/PD#:
Maintenance Worker/PD#1693

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